"The system is easy to use and navigate. It makes the process for prescribing and approving refills very efficient. I have access to the patient's current and past med history, as well as any known allergies at the tips of my fingers. This product helps me in providing a higher quality of health care for my patients."

Dr.Kenneth Guarnieri, MD

"Goodman says, he values the system and his vendor. His practice attested to meaningful use last year, and expects to again this year. "Also, I can get someone to listen to me," he says.

Dr. Goodman

"I am pleased with the system and certainly very pleased with the support. The old dog is learning new tricks and it is getting easier."

Dr. Borges

"When making the transition to electronic medical records, we looked at many systems, Mednet was by far the easiest to navigate and the technical support has been excellent. Seven years later and we still feel we chose the right system"

Nardone Medical Dr. Al-Raqqad

"I have been using emr4MD since 2012. I am very pleased with EMR and great staff responding to any request immediately and resolving the problems very efficiently"

Dr. Felix Sokolsky M.D.

"I didn't want to lose the "human" contact with my patients. I was afraid I could be forced to be on a "computer" all the time. But I have found that the system does work, and it's very good. I believe if I can use it, then anyone can use it."

Roseanne McGeary RN

"Just point and click. The system has been very user friendly. I've worked with a lot of other systems over the years and this one has been the best to date. I am very comfortable using this system. I picked it up in less than a day; the system is very user friendly. The hours and the STRESS saved have been incredible."

Kathy Smith, Front Office Coordinator

"Great system, love it. The EMR is so easy to learn and use. Anyone with a very basic knowledge of using a computer will find this system easy to use. It was easier to use then the directions given in the "Computer for Dummies" book I've read. MedNet staff is very receptive to any suggestions."

Beverly Fowler, Receptionist

"I love it.....The system was very easy to learn and use…Makes finding patient's charts and lab reports a breeze. No more "hunting" down charts. All you need to do is point and click. MedNet Medical is very open to reviewing and implementing new features that we have suggested to improve the features in my office."

Cynthia Collins, Receptionist

"The system is so user friendly. It takes away a lot of the day to day head aches and stress associated with handling of patient's charts. I have found MedNet Medical to be very friendly and courteous. It has been great working with them. No run a rounds or long turn a rounds on any issues presented to them."

Carole Norton, Medical Record

"We have been using MedNet Medical's RCM solutions for over 3 years now. Not having to deal with the insurance companies or having to be bogged down with chasing claims and doing claim follow-up has allowed me more time for handling my patient's needs. MedNet System has consistently collected payments on-time and they are always polite and quick to respond to any issues my office had."

Laura Montville, Office Manager

"Our office has been working with MedNet Medical Solutions for several years. Recently, we setup a new practice and MedNet staff helped us in setting up the complete system. The staff at MedNet has always been available for my calls and has answered or resolved any of the issues I had."

Melissa Higbie, Office Manager